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Rural Communities and Regional Economic Development

Brian Gwin serves as a project manager for the Wayne County Economic Development Council. Gwin describes the importance of rural land-use and agriculture in shaping a stronger regional economy in Northeast Ohio. He talks about greater Wayne County, including the southern tier of counties in Northeast Ohio, as one of the most productive agricultural areas in the state. The diverse landscapes and prevalence of horse-drawn farm operations create a variety of agricultural products that could feed urban markets. He notes that every time a new barn gets built, the agricultural mystique of the area is preserved, benefiting both tourism and the agricultural economy. How can we connect stronger local food markets in cities like Cleveland with robust farm economies in rural counties like Wayne County?

Harold Hartzler and Natural Dairy

This is a short clip from LESS Productions' feature length documentary PolyCultures: Food Where We Live. The movie is about the efforts to create a sustainable food production system in Northeast Ohio. In this clip, Harold Hartzler, the Hartzler Family patriarch, tells the story of how his dairy farm went from conventional production, using pesticide and artificial fertilizers, to an all natural approach. 

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