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Local Food and Climate Change

During his recent visit to Oberlin College, I had an opportunity to have a conversation with Bill McKibben about climate change and local food systems. Bill McKibben is one of the leading thinkers and actors around efforts to mobilize around climate change issues. Bill McKibben is the author of a number for books that advocate solutions to getting us off of our fossil fuel dependency, including Deep Economy and his most recent title, Eaarth (pronounced like Arnold Swartzenager would say Earth). Local food systems are one among a number of strategies for adapting to and respond to a changing climate. We had minor flooding in Oberlin during the day of his talk. Learn more about his work to organize global networks to address climate change at

Grass Fed Grazing and Climate Change

Darren Doherty, a permaculture designer from Australia, discusses some of the issues around methane generation from livestock. Methane is a powerful warming gas that contributes to climate change. The amount of methane generated by livestock, however, is a function of what they are fed: feed grain versus grass.

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Carbon Farming

Darren Doherty, permacutlure designer and teacher from Australia, takes a few minutes to explain "carbon farming" and methods for sequestering carbon in soil while improving topsoil and conditions for healthy plant growth.