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25% Shift- How Realistic?

Interview with Gary Paul Nabhan at the George Jones Farm in Oberlin on April 17, 2011.Nabhan is one of the nation's leading voices on local food systems development,  recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award, and author of numerous books on ethno-botany and local food culture. Here he reflects on the recently completed 25% Shift study for the Northeast Ohio regional food system. Nabhan notes that the shift seems large, but very attainable given the shifts we are seeing already in Northeast Ohio and elsewhere in the country.

25% Shift- Opporunities in the NEO Local Food Economy

Leslie Schaller with the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACENet) in Athens, Ohio reflects on what she sees as the opportunities and challenges for a 25% Shift in food localization for Northeast Ohio. She notes in particular the rich base of assets between the diverse cities and rural enterprises in the region. The challenge remains how to create proactive and collaborative networks to best capitalize on these regional assets.

25% Shift- Regional Food Authorities

 Michael Shuman, principle director of the 25% Shift- regional food study for the Northeast Ohio local food system, talks about the benefits of organizing Local Food Authorities as a mechanism to make capital available to a variety of local food businesses.