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Introduction to Oberlin Early Childhood Center Local Foods Initiative

Dave Sokoll, pre-school meal chef, introduces the Oberlin Early Childhood Center and their local and healthy foods initiative.

Challenges of Promoting Healthy Diets for Youth

Dave Sokoll, chef at the Oberlin Early Childhood Center, discusses the challenges of introducing locally grown and healthy foods to a pre-school meal program. The children are not always receptive to locally-grown cuisine, but can learn to like it over time.

Engaging Local Chefs with School Meal Programs

Dave Sokoll shares his experiences working with Brian Donely, chef of Diso's Bistro in Lorain, to learn culinary skills for preparing pre-school meals that include local foods. Chef Donely volunteers one day a week to develop recipes and assist Dave with developing his culinary skills.

Is Local Food More Expensive?

Oberlin Early Childhood Center chef Dave Sokoll shares his experience with local food and the oft-asked question, is it more expensive?

Connecting Farmers with Pre-School Meal Program

Dave Sokoll describes how he organized a supply network of local farmers to supply food for a pre-school meal program at the Oberlin Early Childhood Center. He draws on the experiences and networks from his time as an Oberlin College student and later as a truck driver for City Fresh.

Learning New Culinary Skills for Pre-School Food Service

Dave Sokoll describes how he learned new culinary skills to introduce more local and healthy foods to a pre-school meal program at the Oberlin Early Childhood Center.

Lorain County Community College- Sustainable Agriculture Certification Program

This short video provides an overview of a new certificate program offered by the Lorain County Community College (LCCC) to provide background in sustainable agriculture. The program presents a unique collaboration between LCCC, Ohio State University, and the New Agrarian Center. To learn more about the program and how to get involved, go to

Edible Forest Garden at the Intergenerational School

Video featuring a short interview with Dave Jacke, permacutlure designer and author of the two volume books titled- Edible Forest Gardening. Jacke was visiting Cleveland to offer a weekend workshop at the Intergenerational School in Cleveland, a school focused on experiential education and bridging younger and older generations in collaborative learning processes. With the leadership of local permaculture designer Brett Joseph, the edible forest garden was established in a courtyard of the school, replacing mowed grass and a relatively un-used space on campus grown into a biologically diverse forest garden for learning, eating, and community gathering. To learn more, check out

Case Western Reserve University Farm

This video captures the beginnings of a new local farm initiative through a collaboration between Case Western Reserve University and Bon Appetit Management Company. Located on the university's Squire Valleevue and Valley Ridge Farms, about 25 minutes east of their main campus, Christopher Bond, campus horticulturalist, describes their first efforts to grow food for use in university dining halls. Bond describes the high degree of student involvement to support the initiative and future efforts to link with different departments on campus to foster the educational potential for the farm. In the background, Tunnel-Vision-Hoops, a greenhouse construction company started by three urban farmers from Cleveland, installs a high-tunnel to extend seasonal production on the farm. The greenhouse was a joint investment between the university and Bon Appetit.

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