PolyCultures: Food Where We Live Trailer 1


Filmed in 2007-08, PolyCultures provides a ground-level view of the early stages of a growing local food movement in Northeast Ohio.The term “polycultures” traditionally refers to biologically diverse farm systems. The film takes this a step further, showing people from different backgrounds taking coordinated action around creation of a healthy food system. PolyCultures reveals local foods as the intersection of health, community, environment, and local economy. The film features a range of both grassroots perspectives and commentary from leading national writers and experts, including Michael Pollan, Michael Ruhlman, and David Orr. The film premiered at the 2009 Cleveland International Film Festival, was broadcast on WVIZ, and has played at six other film festivals world-wide. The film was produced by Brad Masi and directed by Tom Kondilas (Making Waves). 

Running Time: 55 minutes