Hungry for Health: A Journey Through Cleveland's Food Desert

A short documentary film produced by Theresa Desautels, a Cinema Studies major and recent graduate of Oberlin College, Hungry for Health feature s a day in the life of Willa Sparks; a woman who overcomes the environmental obstacle of living in a food desert, an inner-city neighborhood without easy access to a grocery store. Determined to give her family the healthy food that every person deserves, Willa takes an hour long bus ride at the first of every month to get to the closest grocery store. If healthy food won’t come to her, as her neighborhood is infested with fast food restaurants and corner stores, then she will go to it. This film was produced as a senior project. This film shows a close and personal view of how the challenge of food access affects many Cleveland residents. Includes commentary by Matt Carroll, director of Cleveland Public Health Department, Gigi Traore director of the Power Network, Grace Lee Boggs, author, and Brad Masi, co-founder of City Fresh.