Topic: Growing Local Food Webs

This series of videos includes extended interviews and rough cuts from the film For the Love of Food. These videos allow you to delve into any topics from the film that you would like to explore in depth. The feature film explores the web of inter-connected initiatives to grow the local food economy in and around Oberlin, a small college town in northern Ohio. To learn more about the film, click here to see our Facebook page. This project is a collaboration with the Oberlin Project, the New Agrarian Center, and in Oberlin, Ohio.


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This video series explores efforts to transition a pre-school meal program at the Oberlin Early Childhood Center (OECC) to feature healthy, locally grown foods. OECC head-chef Dave Sokoll shares the trajectory of his experiences as a newly minted chef, including the trajectory of his experiences at Oberlin College, mentoring with a local professional chef, financial considerations, and the...

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