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Thinking Like a Region
Download LFM Presentation.pdf (18.02 MB PDF)

Slide show accompaying presentation about thinking about local food systems from a regional perspective in Northeast Ohio. Presented at Local Food Monday at the Great Lakes Brewery on Monday, July 6.

2010 Mini Food Congress Summary
Download 2010 mini congress summary.pdf (146.62 KB PDF)

Summary of results from mini Food Congress at Cleveland State University, held in November of 2010 as a part of the 25% Shift Project.

25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization for Northeast Ohio and How to Realize Them
Download the25shift-foodlocalizationintheNEOregion.pdf (5.1 MB PDF)

Final version of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan. Includes case studies of innovative local food activities in Cleveland, Youngstown, Oberlin, and Wooster; an assessment of the current Northeast Ohio Local Food system; a review of the impacts of a 25% food localization scenario; recommendations for achieving the 25% shift; implementation strategies; and detailed references for the report.

Affinity Groups: Economic Development
25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization
Download MHS-NEO-November2010.pdf (1.33 MB PDF)

Presentation by Michael Shuman for Mini-Food Congress and City Club presentation from November 2010. Lays out the benefits of a 25% food localization scenario for Northeast Ohio and some steps for how to get there. 

NEOFOOD Regional Input-Output Analysis
Download NEOHFOOD Report Sporleder.pdf (286.19 KB PDF)

An input-output analysis that describes the linkages between various sectors and industries comprising the food sector in Northeast Ohio. 

Affinity Groups: Economic Development
Regional Food System Assessment for Northeast Ohio
Download exit project v3.0_1.pdf (1.42 MB PDF)

Recommendations to the Northeast Ohio Foodshed Alliance

Cleveland State University Urban Studies Exit Project

Ned Hill, Advisor

Revised by Brad Masi August 31, 2002

The Northeast Ohio Foodshed Network - Building a sustainable regional food system for Northeast Ohio
Download congress2_1.pdf (2.25 MB PDF)

Building a Sustainable Regional Food System for Northeast Ohio. Report from the First Annual Northeast Ohio Food Congress Summary of Visioning And Next Steps for Action Prepared By: Brad Masi, Executive Director Kari Moore, NFN Coordinator July 2003 A Project of the Ecological Design Innovation Center