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25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization for Northeast Ohio and How to Realize Them
Download the25shift-foodlocalizationintheNEOregion.pdf (5.1 MB PDF)

Final version of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan. Includes case studies of innovative local food activities in Cleveland, Youngstown, Oberlin, and Wooster; an assessment of the current Northeast Ohio Local Food system; a review of the impacts of a 25% food localization scenario; recommendations for achieving the 25% shift; implementation strategies; and detailed references for the report.

Affinity Groups: Economic Development
Appendix 5-- Affinity Group Clustering
Download NEOFood app5 clusters.pdf (486.69 KB PDF)

An analysis of affinity group clustering following the first four months of the plan. This provides some indicators of strengths and gaps in networks organized around local food systems.

Assessment Appendix 6-- Assets and Gaps Assessment of Northeast Ohio Region
Download NEOFood app6 assetsgaps.pdf (551.48 KB PDF)

An anlaysis of a survey completed by 70 local food system leaders, practioners, farmers, and others identifying the key assets and gaps of the current regional food system. Includes analysis of key assets, motivations for local food work, levels of confidence in key local food system indicators, and identification of key barriers that reduce growth of local food systems.

Assessment Appendix 7-- 20 Year Review of Agricultural Statistics in Northeast Ohio
Download NEOFood app7 agcensus.pdf (373.84 KB PDF)

Review of key trends in land-use and agricultural enterprise statistics gathered from the USDA census of agricutlure for 1987, 1997, and 2007. Includes graphs and analysis of changes in the number of farms, acreage devoted to farming, and average size of farms in the 16 county Northeast Ohio region.

Assessment Appendix 8-- History of Regional Food Congress Recommendations
Download NEOFood 8 congresses.pdf (99.75 KB PDF)

Review of recommendations from three regional food Congress sessions for Northeast Ohio- 2003, 2008, 2010.