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Future of Food Security in Stark County- Forum Framing Presentation
Download forum presentation 7.10.14.pdf (2.69 MB PDF)

Presentation by Brad Masi for farming the Forum on the Future of Food Security in Stark County, held at Walsh University on July 9, 2014. The presentation develops a framework for addressing hunger, food access, and local food systems development and looks at the Cleveland Crops urban farming and food processing enterprise as a model.

Stark County Food and Hunger Network Mapping
Download Stark Network Mapping 7.9.14.pdf (4.32 MB PDF)

Presentation by June Holley that covers  mapping for hunger, supporting, and local food networks in Stark County, presented at July 9, 2014 Forum on the Future of Food Security in Stark County at Walsh University.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition Fact Sheet
Download FPC accomplishments 2010.pdf (127.41 KB PDF)

Fact sheet of some key accomplishments of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition since its founding in 2007.

Cleveland Corner Store Project Report
Download Cleveland Corner Store Project - Final Report.pdf (97.03 KB PDF)

2009 report summary of Cleveland Corner Store project, an effort to increase access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables into the offerings of neighborhood cornerstores in some of Cleveland's food desert neighborhoods.

Understanding Food Deserts and Factors Affecting Healthy Food Access
Download FoodAccess033010.pdf (3.21 MB PDF)

This presentation, prepared on behalf of the Ohio Food Policy Council's Healthy Food Access Task Force, identifies the challenges of healthy food access in BOTH urban and rural areas in Ohio. In terms of framing healthy food access efforts in Northeast Ohio, the report indicates the need to look at food access that affects both urban and rural communities, each requiring a different set of potential policies and solutions. 

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Rural Food Access Gaps
Download RuralFoodAccessGaps.pdf (1.41 MB PDF)

This research brief, prepared by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), determines healthy food access challenges confronted by rural communities in Ohio. The report considers three aspects of food access: physical accessibility (how close are retail food outlets with healthy food choices and what are transit options), economic accessibility (how affordable is food and is there competition between multiple outlets that tends to keep prices lower), and healthy accessibility (are there healthy food options versus a dominance of fast food outlets). The report determines that a lack of larger stores, a lack of competition, and high concentrations of fast food alternatives present unique challenges to healthy food access for rural populations. Given that more than 5 million Ohio residents live in rural areas, this requires a unique set of policies and approaches. 

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Farmers Markets in Low-Income Neighborhoods
Download Successful FM in Ltd. Income Neighborhoods Final.pdf (179.22 KB PDF)

Report that makes recommendations for expanding farmers market activities in low-income neighborhoods in inner-city Cleveland.

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Food Access in Cleveland
Download CCCFPC_Community_Conversation_2009 Final.pdf (456.64 KB PDF)

Report by Jenita McGowan detailing perspectives and issues around local food and healthy food access based on focus groups from four Cleveland neighborhoods: Central, Glenville, Ohio City, and Slavic Village. A follow-up community food assessment conducted by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition. 

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