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Open Source Ecology

Cleveland and Oberlin groups organized around OSE development of components of global village construction set.

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Natural Resources/Conservation

Natural resource conservation support

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Farm Supplies/Support

Businesses that supply local farmers

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Public Art and Artists

Artists and artisans that link with local food systems

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Students and Youth

Primary and college level students

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Media, communications, web designers

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Waste Recovery

Organic waste processing and re-use

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Materials and construction for farm and food infrastructure

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Energy/Fuel Production

Renewable energy and alternative fuels

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Urban Growers

Urban community or market gardeners.

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Commodity/Production Agriculture

Commodity and large-scale producers

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Specialty Meat/Dairy

Specialty meat and dairy farmers targeting local or specialty markets

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Specialty Grain/Produce

Specialty grain or produce farmers targeting local markets.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations supporting local food efforts

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Members of philanthropic organizations

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Economic Development

Economic development professionals

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Public Health

Focused on the connection between public health and local food access.

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Food Policy Council

Food policy council representatives

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Elected Officials/Government Officials

Public employees or elected representatives.

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Higher Education

Faculty, staff, administrators of colleges/universities

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K-12 Education

Teachers, administrators of K-12 schools

Brad Masi 4 7 Invite only
Vocational/Entrepreneurial Education

Vocational and entrepreneurship educators

Brad Masi 4 8 Invite only
Business Incubators

Business incubators for food and farm enterprises

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Land Access

Agencies or organizations facilitating land access

Brad Masi 4 6 Invite only

Micro-finacing for local food enterprises

Brad Masi 4 3 Invite only
Community Development Corporations

Community Development Corporations in urban or rural areas

Brad Masi 4 10 Invite only

Distribution and logistics for locally grown food

Brad Masi 4 7 Invite only

Aggregation or storage for locally grown foods

Brad Masi 4 2 Invite only
Food Processing/Manufacturing

Food processing and value-added production

Brad Masi 5 6 Invite only

Managers or employees of grocery stores

Brad Masi 4 5 Invite only

Owners or employees of restaurants

Brad Masi 4 6 Invite only
Institutional Food Services

Managers or employees of institutional food services

Brad Masi 4 2 Invite only
Food Banks/Emergency Relief

Food bank and emergency food distribution

Brad Masi 3 4 Invite only
Community-Supported Agriculture

Community-Supported Agriculture programs

Brad Masi 5 11 Invite only
Farmers Markets

Farmers market managers and members

Brad Masi 6 10 Invite only

Cooperative managers and members

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