Northeast Ohio Regional Food Collaboration

Are you interested in connecting with others in Northeast Ohio to grow the local food economy of the region? A group of local food system stakeholders have come together to organize a network survey and community learning events to address the following questions:

1) How do local food systems interface with municipal, county, or regional planning?

2) How can we build a network of local food hubs in the region to facilitate distribution, storage, or processing?

3) How can we more effectively collaborate across city or county boundaries to grow the local food economy?

How can you get involved?

SIGN UP! Register here to participate in our network survey and learn about upcoming events.

SHARE! Share your perspectives with our community survey. 

PARTICIPATE! Join some of these upcoming events:

LEARN! Learn more about the project by checking out our resource library.

Questions? Contact Brad Masi at

 This project is a collaboration between and Common Wealth Inc., and the George Gund Foundation.

We look forward to your participation!