Fostering Urban-Rural Connections

The asset and gap surveys indicated a low level of confidence among respondents about the quality of positive urban and rural connections in Northeast Ohio. 

With $10 billion spent on food in the 16 counties of Northeast Ohio each year (and $3.5 billion in Cuyahoga County alone), there are a variety of potential opportunities to create jobs, enterprises, and new economic development opportunities that can benefit both urban and rural populations alike. 

More efforts to create social and economic relationships between urban and rural communities can also reduce political strife and improve regional cooperation. 

This survey will help to identify some existing examples in the Northeast Ohio region of where urban and rural communities connect in mutually beneficial ways and some idea generation for how to improve this.

To learn more about the opportunities created by productive urban and rural collaboration, check out these short videos (including Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Casey Hoy with the AgroEcocsystems Mangement Program of OSU, Brian Gwin with Wayne County Economic Development Council, author Mark Winne, Permaculture Designer Darren Doherty, and Jim Converse and Pat Rosenthal from Common Wealth in Youngstown). Just click here!

This survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete.