Cat Grooming Tips: How to Properly Brush Your Cat’s Hair

Have you ever wondered whether you need to brush your cat’s hair every day? If you do, ever thought of whether you’re doing it right or if your cat likes it? How about the idea of bringing them to a professional pet salon in Singapore?

Below, we’ll answer your hairy cat questions and give you some insights on proper cat grooming to keep your furry friend as good looking as possible.

Do I need to brush my cat’s hair?

Yes, of course. Even the most short-haired cats can benefit from proper pet grooming. For cats with medium to long hair, every day brushing of hair is required. It is beneficial as it stimulates production of essential oils in order to keep your cat’s fur healthy and shiny. Brushing also removes strands of dead hair and reduces the likelihood of matting and hairballs.

What kind of coating does my cat have?

The cat’s coat has three layers.

The undercoat sits closest to the skin. Awn hairs are much longer and thicker, making up most of the cat’s coat. Lastly, the guard hairs—the longest hairs—are there to protect the undercoat. You’ll be able to clearly see the guard hairs when your cat feels frightened or is in defensive posture.

Cats come in different hair lengths, from bald to long hair, depending on the breed. By knowing the length of your cat’s hair, it’s easier to identify the right ways to take care of your pet’s natural fur.

  • Hairless Cats

Hairless cats, such as Sphynx, are very recognizable because of their bald appearance. These hairless cats do have undercoats, so they still must be washed with cat shampoo. While it’s tempting to skip shampoo when bathing them, their undercoat needs regular cleaning to avoid lice and pests from breeding deep down the fur.

  • Short-Haired Cats

If your cat has hair no more than two inches long, it is considered short-haired cat, which includes breeds like Siamese and American Shorthair.

These breeds require minimal pet grooming in Singapore. —at least once to twice a week. You can use slicker brush or shedding comb.

  • Medium-Haired Cats

Cats with two- to four-inch long hair are called medium-haired cats. The American Wirehair and Bengal fall under this category.

These cat breeds require daily pet grooming, with the use of a shedding comb and a slicker brush.

  • Long-Haired Cats

Long-haired cats are those kitties with hair length that’s more than five inches long. The Himalayan and Persian cats are examples of long-haired car breeds.

Since they have so much more hair, which is prone to tangles, daily brushing is needed. Use a slicker brush and then follow up with shedding comb if necessary.

Knowing your cat’s breed and understanding their needs will help you identify how often hair brushing must be done and what pet salon in Singapore to approach for your pet’s grooming needs. Hair brushing is part of pet grooming, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining your cat’s healthy look. Other than the physical benefits, brushing your cat’s hair is an expression of love, so make this grooming habit a special time to bond with your feline friends.