BBQ Catering: A Guide in Starting Your Own Catering Services in Singapore

Be it a sunny or just an ordinary day, indulging on savoury barbecues has become the favourite past times of most Singaporeans. Well, who wouldn’t enjoy savouring the smoky taste and aroma of satay right? Because of this barbecue hype, a bbq catering business became one of the ideal business ventures in Singapore. So if you fancy eating and making tasty barbecue recipes, and is planning to get into the catering services industry, then list down these tips on how you can start your bbq catering business.

1. Obtain the Necessary Legal Requirements

One important thing you need to do before putting up your own bbq catering business is to obtain all the legal requirements needed to set up a business in Singapore. Also, ensure that your business will be able to comply with all the requirements so that you can already start your business as early as possible. Do check for certain regulations and policies implemented by the health and taxation departments to ensure that your business is official and legal.

2. Get a Business Insurance

Although its importance is easily overlooked, make sure to get an insurance for your catering business. You should obtain proper business license as well as the commercial liability insurance to cover for your clients, guests, or anyone who were affected by your catering services in a negative way. Also, if you have any hired workers, then you should also have a workers’ compensation insurance for each of them.

3. Create a Unique and Interesting Barbecue Menu

Once you’ve already secured all the legal requirements needed, you’re now good to start for another important part of your business, your menu planning. In creating a barbecue menu, ensure that it contains barbecue meals that are unique, interesting, and of course, tasty so that your bbq catering at Singapore business will stand out from other competing bbq caterers in Singapore. Remember though, that you don’t have to place all of your barbecue recipes in the menu at once. You can just start with two or three recipes, and focus on getting these recipes known in the market first.

4. Set Catering Prices

After coming up with a menu, the next thing that you should do is decide on what your catering prices will be. A bbq catering business is not similar with any other businesses, which is why it’s important that you come up with a profit and loss statements for everything that you do. Ensure that you always tally up the hours that you spent in preparing and organizing an event, because the best way to know if you’re actually earning from your catering business is to approach it hour-by-hour for every catering job. Keep in mind though, that your prices shouldn’t appear unaffordable for your potential clients.

5. Network with Wedding Coordinators and Event Planners

Caterers are one of the services that are usually hired by wedding coordinators and event planners. Since you’re just starting out, try offering your services to these people and give them a reasonable discount for your services. Establish connections with these people as they can serve as an outside salesperson to get your business known.

6. Promote your Catering Business

Since we’re in the social media era, business promotion can already be done with a just a few mouse clicks. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram could serve as a good promotional tool for your bbq catering business. You can create a Facebook page for your business and post all the important details that you want your potential clients to know about your business.

It would also help if you post some photos of the event that you catered and how well it went. That way, you can grab the attention and interest of some barbecue lovers out there.