About the Affinity Groups

Cows interviewCows interviewAffinity groups are an organizing tool. Affinity groups are organized around topics of common interest or “affinity”. The affinity group process will be utilized to collect and understand the multitude of view points and ideas around how to advance local food efforts in the Northeast Ohio region.

Affinity group members will be asked to participate in regular surveys and discussion topics throughout the duration of the assessment. Beyond that, affinity group participation will provide users with a powerful learning tool to enhance their own professional activities. In addition, users can connect with other users from across the region.

Affinity Group Clusters

Strawbale constructionStrawbale constructionAffinity groups are organized around five primary topics. The development of each cluster will be essential for a strong re-localization effort to take place. The primary clusters are: agricultural production, supply chain infrastructure, markets, capacity building, and secondary businesses.

The affinity groups are flexible. Some may be combined and new ones may be created as necessary.

Check out the full Affinity Groups listing to see all groups by cluster.