Low-Tech, Small-Scale Biodigester Overview

Overview of process of building small-scale, low-tech bio-digesters suitable for smaller-scale farms, featuring Professor Jay Martin and researchers from the Ohio State University.

2012 Cleveland Urban Farm Creates Jobs for People with Disabilities

Short film about the Stanard Farm which hires adults with disabilities. Operated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, this provides a glimpse into the life of the farm. Produced by Ohio State University Extension.

2008 Stanard School Desconstruction Process

The Stanard School was an old brick and sandstone building that was deconstructed in 2008. The one acre site on which the school sat is being converted into an urban farm operated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. An old school administration building on the site is being preserved and utilized for administrative office for cooperative extension and food storage for the farm. The components of the school, including old growth wood floorboards, chalkboards, brick, and stone were provided to local urban gardens free of charge (to build walkways or raised beds). Other materials were utilized by A Piece of Cleveland (APOC), a small company that manufactures high-end furniture from old buildings and materials that contain the history of Cleveland.

GardenWalk Cleveland 2011

This short video features a compilation of the perspectives, motivations, and lessons learned from five of Cleveland's urban farmers. Captured during the 2011 GardenWalk Cleveland event on June 25 of 2011, the video represents the diversity of people that make up Cleveland's urban farming and local foods scene. Features a soundtrack by Moby, contributed by the artist. Video facilitated by Jack Ricchiuto and Brad Masi.