Top 5 Benefits of Property Waterproofing

For most people in Singapore, when they think about property management, may it be a simple home or a luxurious real estate property, waterproofing isn’t really something that comes first to our minds. We can’t blame ourselves, though. Waterproofing has never been a fun or enjoyable matter when it comes to estate maintenance.

However, despite its unpopularity, every condo manager emphasizes that buildings need sufficient waterproofing. Why? Because water penetration can cause serious property damage, which will then negatively affect the selling value of the property.

If you don’t want these misfortunes to happen to your condominium building and to the units in it, discuss about waterproofing with your managing agent as soon as possible. Doing so, you, as well as your tenants, will enjoy the many benefits of having your walls professionally waterproofed, such as:

1. Reduced energy cost
By asking your condo manager to waterproof your building, you will be able to seal cracks in walls and prevent external heat from entering your premises, thus, saving you on energy costs from your air conditioning system. Similarly, by sealing up wall cracks, you can prevent cool air from entering your place especially during wet seasons, thus eliminating excessive usage of the heating system.

2. Avoid health problems
We all know that buildup of moisture can cause harmful molds to grow in our premises. These microorganisms can cause illnesses, trigger allergies, and asthma attacks. The black molds, also known as “toxic molds,” can also grow inside your property. Hence it is important to get one of the best property management companies in Singapore to check it out regularly. Although rare, this type of moss is extremely hazardous to the health. Some health effects of black molds are, among others, skin irritation, respiratory problems, watery eyes, sore throat, sinus congestion, shortness of breath, and chronic fatigue. It would be a great favor to you and your tenants’ health to include waterproofing to your property management services.

3. Protect your investment
Recall the days when you built (or bought) your condominium. Remember how much hard work you put into the making of the estate property? How about the million dollar worth of furniture and appliances in the entire building? Are you sure you want to risk this major investment of your life? By requiring your managing agent to ensure the long-term health of your business, you’re giving your investment the care that it deserves.

4. Increase property value
Nobody wants a leaked wall, especially those Singapore residents thinking about renting a unit. Susceptibility to moisture in your units is a huge turn off for prospect tenants. They don’t like to constantly worry about their valuables getting damaged because of non-waterproofed facility. Moreover, dry and usable spaces allow tenants to maximize the very limited area, thus boosting the functionality and value of your units.

5. Peace of mind
When you have regular estate maintenance and your entire building waterproofed, you’re guaranteed that no moisture can penetrate any part of your property, even under strong thunderstorms. You’re confident that all your tenants feel safe inside your building and your investment is safe from any forms of damage caused by moisture and water leakages.

Investing in proper waterproofing can prevent your business from accruing great damage and large renovation bills. Protect your investment and everybody in your building through waterproofing. Ask your managing agent about this property management service and let them help you in looking for a reliable provider.