Waste Matters: Context and Development of Oberlin Compost Initiative
Download oberlin compost study 03.pdf (2.07 MB PDF)

Proposal for in-vessel composting system for Oberlin College from 2003, as presented in Environmental Studies Honors Thesis at Oberlin College. Written by Lucian Eisenhauer in 2003.

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Oberlin Student Cooperative Association Local Foods Study 1988
Download osca local food report 1988.pdf (2.51 MB PDF)

Original local foods study for the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association conducted in 1988.

Oberlin Local Foods Study 1988
Download cds local food plan 1988.pdf (1.74 MB PDF)

Original local food program development propoosal for Oberlin College's Campus Dining Services in 1988.

Oberlin Culinary Enterprise
Download oberlin culinary enterprise plan.pdf (7.61 MB PDF)

Feasibility study and plan for development of commercial community kitchen incubator for the Oberlin community. Conducted by Oberlin College students in 2007.

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Youngstown Market Gardening Resource Guide
Download Urban_Agriculture_Resource_Guide.pdf (82.52 KB PDF)

Great guide for urban gardening resources in Youngstown. Even if you are not in Youngstown, this guide provides a good template for the kinds of resources you can find in your own community to support urban farming efforts.

Affinity Groups: Urban Growers
Re-Imagining Cleveland- Ideas to Action Resource Book
Download ReimaginingIdeasToAction_ResourceBook.pdf (1.62 MB PDF)

This resource guide contains valuable information that details a number of options for utilizing vacant land for urban agriculture, stormwater retention, and neighborhood beuatification. While focused on Cleveland, the lessons can apply to any urban center with under-utilized property. Contains both information and case studies of local heroes and their innovative approches to improving food access, neighborhood beautification, and ecological services.

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Compressed Earth Bricks
Download CEB Press Packet_updatedmudd_2_21_11 AM.pdf (2.93 MB PDF)

Report and plans for development of a Compressed Earth Bricks (CEB) machine, a collaboration with Marcin Jakubowski with the Open Source Ecology Global Village Construction set and the CEB Oberlin Team and the Lorain County Joint Vocational School. The CEB can make bricks out of clay, an abundant resource in Northeast Ohio. Builidngs to be consturcted to support local food activities, including George Jones Farm, community gardens, grazing animal shelters, root cellars, and other applications.

Affinity Groups: Open Source Ecology
Farming the City- Role of Urban Agriculture in Local Food Systems
Download sufi 2.17.pdf (6.93 MB PDF)

Presentation by Brad Masi to the Summit Urban Farming Initiative (SUFI), an project of OSU Extension in Summit County to train urban market gardeners in the City of Akron and its surroundings.

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25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization for Northeast Ohio and How to Realize Them
Download the25shift-foodlocalizationintheNEOregion.pdf (5.1 MB PDF)

Final version of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan. Includes case studies of innovative local food activities in Cleveland, Youngstown, Oberlin, and Wooster; an assessment of the current Northeast Ohio Local Food system; a review of the impacts of a 25% food localization scenario; recommendations for achieving the 25% shift; implementation strategies; and detailed references for the report.

Affinity Groups: Economic Development
Appendix 5-- Affinity Group Clustering
Download NEOFood app5 clusters.pdf (486.69 KB PDF)

An analysis of affinity group clustering following the first four months of the plan. This provides some indicators of strengths and gaps in networks organized around local food systems.