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25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization for Northeast Ohio and How to Realize Them
Download the25shift-foodlocalizationintheNEOregion.pdf (5.1 MB PDF)

Final version of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan. Includes case studies of innovative local food activities in Cleveland, Youngstown, Oberlin, and Wooster; an assessment of the current Northeast Ohio Local Food system; a review of the impacts of a 25% food localization scenario; recommendations for achieving the 25% shift; implementation strategies; and detailed references for the report.

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25% Shift- Benefits of Food Localization
Download MHS-NEO-November2010.pdf (1.33 MB PDF)

Presentation by Michael Shuman for Mini-Food Congress and City Club presentation from November 2010. Lays out the benefits of a 25% food localization scenario for Northeast Ohio and some steps for how to get there. 

NEOFOOD Regional Input-Output Analysis
Download NEOHFOOD Report Sporleder.pdf (286.19 KB PDF)

An input-output analysis that describes the linkages between various sectors and industries comprising the food sector in Northeast Ohio. 

Affinity Groups: Economic Development
Defining the Urban-Agrarian Space
Download masi urban space.pdf (956.86 KB PDF)

An article that investigates the particular strengths of urban centers in stimulating local food system activity. Considers both vacant land re-utilization opportunities for urban agriculture and increasing market access for rural communities.

The Northeast Ohio Foodshed Network - Building a sustainable regional food system for Northeast Ohio
Download congress2_1.pdf (2.25 MB PDF)

Building a Sustainable Regional Food System for Northeast Ohio. Report from the First Annual Northeast Ohio Food Congress Summary of Visioning And Next Steps for Action Prepared By: Brad Masi, Executive Director Kari Moore, NFN Coordinator July 2003 A Project of the Ecological Design Innovation Center