Resources tagged as 'urban agriculture'

Re-Imagining Cleveland- Ideas to Action Resource Book
Download ReimaginingIdeasToAction_ResourceBook.pdf (1.62 MB PDF)

This resource guide contains valuable information that details a number of options for utilizing vacant land for urban agriculture, stormwater retention, and neighborhood beuatification. While focused on Cleveland, the lessons can apply to any urban center with under-utilized property. Contains both information and case studies of local heroes and their innovative approches to improving food access, neighborhood beautification, and ecological services.

Affinity Groups: Urban Growers
Farming the City- Role of Urban Agriculture in Local Food Systems
Download sufi 2.17.pdf (6.93 MB PDF)

Presentation by Brad Masi to the Summit Urban Farming Initiative (SUFI), an project of OSU Extension in Summit County to train urban market gardeners in the City of Akron and its surroundings.

Affinity Groups: Urban Growers
Urban Agriculture Study for Cleveland
Download Urban Ag Final Report- CWRU Weatherhead.pdf (162.45 KB PDF)

Identification of key areas of focus for increasing viability of urban agriculture in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County conducted by students at the Weatherhead School of Business. Key recommendations target land access, water access, education and training, and business viability.

Affinity Groups: Urban Growers
Re-imagining a More Sustainable Cleveland
Download reimagining_final_screen-res.pdf (9.08 MB PDF)

A strategic plan for the re-utilization of vacant land in Cleveland, including use for urban agriculture.

Vacant Land Re-Use Pattern Book
Download patternbookFINAL_lo-res_file_1241529170.pdf (2.08 MB PDF)

A booklet that provides templates for designs and costs of different vacant land re-utilization scenarios.

Defining the Urban-Agrarian Space
Download masi urban space.pdf (956.86 KB PDF)

An article that investigates the particular strengths of urban centers in stimulating local food system activity. Considers both vacant land re-utilization opportunities for urban agriculture and increasing market access for rural communities.