Summary of Northeast Ohio Food Hub Gathering
Download NEO Food Hub gathering 7.22.15.pdf (82.88 KB PDF)
Regional Planning and Local Food Systems Summary
Download planning_forum_summary 6.26.15.pdf (78.73 KB PDF)

Summary of proceedings of forum on Regional Planning and Local Food Systems, held at the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordianting Agency (NOACA) on June 22, 2015. 

Local Food and Economic Development- The Role of Planning Agencies
Download Cleveland MORPC 6-26-15.pdf (7.35 MB PDF)

Presentation by Brian Williams with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission for the Regional Planning for Local Food Systems Forum held on June 26th, 2015 at the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordianting Agency public meeting room. Provides an overview of regional planning work for local food systems taking place in central Ohio and how it might translate to efforts in Northeast Ohio.

Reinventing Our Local Food Economies
Download ACENet Food Hub Presentation.pdf (1.84 MB PDF)

A presention by Leslie Schaller with the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACENet) in Athens, Ohio as a part of the Northeast Ohio Regional Food Hub gathering at the Lake-to-River Cooperative in Youngstown Ohio. The presentation reviews collaboartive systems that have been successful in the growth of the local food economy in the southeast Ohio region. 

Brian Williams Food Hub Presentation
Download MORPC food hub presentation 7.22.15.pdf (3.2 MB PDF)

A presentation providing an overview of food hubs and the recommendation that food hubs be developed as an integrated network and not just isolated facilities. Presented at the Northeast Ohio Food Hub Gathering at the Lake-to-River Cooperative in Youngstown, July 22, 2015 by Brian Williams with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commision (MORPC).

National Food Hub Benchmarking Study
Download Food-Hub-Benchmarking-Study.pdf (1.25 MB PDF)

This study provides a financial benchmarking and best practice assessment of over 300 food hub initaitives across the United States. It provides a useful tool for anyone in the stages of planning or developing a food hub facility. Prepared by the National Good Food Network, Wallace Center, and Farm Credit Council. 

Snapshot of Regional Food Hub Activities in Northeast Ohio
Download food_hub_survey_graphs_7.20.15.pdf (1.62 MB PDF)

Presentation by Brad Masi at the July 22nd Regional Food Hub gathering that took place at the Lake to River Cooperative in Youngstown. It provides an overview of the direction and status of food hub initiatives underway in Northeast Ohio. 

Thinking Like a Region
Download LFM Presentation.pdf (18.02 MB PDF)

Slide show accompaying presentation about thinking about local food systems from a regional perspective in Northeast Ohio. Presented at Local Food Monday at the Great Lakes Brewery on Monday, July 6.

Opportunities and Constraints in Regional Food Efforts
Download opportunities_constraints_2.13.15.pdf (74.4 KB PDF)

Summary of presentation on the importance of open and diverse networks for local food systems development. Includes recommendations by stakeholders for key opportunities, constraints, and potential projects for local food systems. Presentation and discussion from February 13, 2015 stakeholders meeting.

Planning and Collaboration in Regional Food Systems
Download regional_planning_summary_2.13.15.pdf (79.84 KB PDF)

Summary of presentation and discussion about Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Regional Collaboration around local food systems development. Presented by Brian Williams (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission) and Tony Logan (USDA-Rural Development) on February 13, 2015.