Guide to Planning a Wedding Banquet at a Hotel

Hotel banquets will never go out of style. Singaporean’s love for good food and glamorous atmosphere has lead to these indulgent celebrations dominating the wedding scene.

But how do you really pull off a spectacular wedding banquet? Some venues have in-house food and drinks and may not allow a third-party caterer. If your hotel venue is lenient on food catering, take advantage of it as it can help you save on your expenses and also lessen the hassle of finding a vendor.

If you’re already in the process of planning for your wedding banquet in Singapore, here are three things to know before confirming your reservation with your hotel banquet.

1. Budget

Knowing how much you can spend will help you pick out the right banquet package when viewing from a wedding banquet price list, as well as help you decide on the dishes and drinks to splurge or pinch on. You can cut down on your expenses and serve just two kinds of desserts; perhaps some pastries and fresh fruits. If you can, spend a little more on your entrees. Serve at least two to three types of varied dishes to accommodate any guests with a specific diet like no meat. Overall you want to offer your guests a feast that can satisfy their appetites at the end of your wedding without going over your budget.

2. Number of Guests

This information goes with your budget. When you know how many guests will attend your wedding, you will have better idea of what package to get from the wedding banquet price list. It is important to finalize your guest list sooner so that you can work with a fixed budget once you interview a caterer. Always allot a buffer, usually 10% of your total number of guests just to make sure that you will not ran out if any of your guests should get more helpings. Once you have the number figured out, try to offer a menu that is generally palatable to your guests. Steer away from dishes that may be too unfamiliar no one would dare touch. Aside from the number of guests, try to consider also what the overall preference may be.

3. Wedding Theme

If you want to be cohesive with your theme from the favors to the décors and even with the attire, then incorporate your theme in your menu. Offer your guests with a complete experience of your theme that they can enjoy not just in sight and sound but also in taste. Research the kinds of dishes and drinks that are inspired by your theme to help you identify specifically what kind of entrees or desserts you must have. For example, if you have an Oriental theme, find out what are served in a traditional Oriental banquet and give it a little twist to make it modern or at least recognizable to your guests.

These are the basic things you need to know about before picking a package or a hotel banquet from any wedding banquet price list. With enough information on the above, you can ask the essential things from your prospect hotel such as; if you can have a food and drinks sampling to try the dishes you want in the menu. With your budget in mind, ask for a competitive price and check if the rate covers a service charge that is at least 15% of the meal. If not, you might have to add tax and tip.

With these tips you can have value for your money and a sumptuous feast for your wedding.