What to Do When Locked Out of the House?

As we rush out of the door, we often grab for our phone, keys, and wallet. However, sometimes, we forget one of those items. Forgetting the keys—therefore, locking ourselves out of the house –can be the most frustrating out of the three.

If you find yourself locked out of your own home, say, in the middle of the night or with bags of shopping items, don’t panic and keep these tips in mind.

Things to Do When Locked Out
• Call your roommate. If you’re leaving with someone else, they should be the first one you should call. Ask if they are nearby and you could borrow their key to the apartment.

• Find out who else has the key. Leaving a duplicate to a family, trusted neighbour, or to your boyfriend/girlfriend means that you always have a back-up. Call and let them know that you locked yourself out of your house and you need the spare key you asked them to keep.

• Hide a spare key somewhere unobvious. If you prefer not to leave a spare key to anyone, at least hide it somewhere outside your house. You could hang a combination key lock box on the door handle or hide it in between large stones or bricks behind a bush. Just make sure not to hide it in obvious places such as underneath the doormat.

• Look for another door. Houses usually have more than one door. If the front door is locked, try checking the back door. You may also get through a window if it’s big enough for you to get in.

• Call your landlord. If you leave in an apartment block, call your landlord or the building supervisor. They usually have copies of the keys of their units.

• Avoid any temptation to do damage to your house. When locked out, it’s easy to think of breaking the window or wrecking the door locks. However, this isn’t the best idea as this usually cost more expensive than calling a locksmith Singapore.

• For lost keys, change your locks right away. If you lost your keys somewhere, make sure to have a door lock security technician in Singapore change your locks within 24 hours. Since you’re clueless whether you lost your keys or somebody purposely took it from you without your permission, it’s better to be safe and protect your home from burglary.

Preparation for Hiring a Locksmith
If there’s no other way for you to get in than unlocking the door, which you cannot since you left the keys inside or lost them somewhere else, it’s time to seek help from a locksmith service provider. To ensure safety, here’s what you can do when calling for one.

• Know a locksmith beforehand. Before you will actually need one, find a trustee local locksmith in your area and save their contact number on your phone. This advanced planning will guarantee your safety in times of need.

• Ask for specifics. Be wary if a company answers your phone call generically, such as “hello, locksmith service,” and refuses to give their full company name. Experts recommend asking for the full name of the business and its office address to verify that it isn’t a scam.

• Confirm who you’re working with. When they arrive at your house, ask to see an ID, as well as the company’s license number. You should also expect for the locksmith to ask for your identification. A legitimate locksmith Singapore will want to confirm your residency before starting any work.

• Notice the car. If not all, most locksmiths in Singapore arrive in service vehicles. Pay attention to their vehicle. Legitimate ones have their company name and logo clearly marked on their service car.

• Beware of the drill. A professional and skilful locksmith offer several options to unlock a lock. If your locksmith’s first option is to drill the lock instead of picking it, then that might be a scam you got there.

Whatever the reason why you’re locked out, don’t worry! You can get back in without breaking anything. And once you get inside your house, take the necessary precautions to ensure the incident won’t happen again.

Comparison of Biometric Lock Systems to Electronic Locking Systems

If you’re looking for an effective electronic lock system for your business in Singapore, you might have heard of the different types of locking systems that are either hard-wired or wireless. Most of these are already used in high-traffic areas such as offices, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and government agencies in Singapore.

One of the most advanced door security system is the biometric door access system, but how does it compare to other electronic locking systems?

Biometric Door Access System

The biometric door access system is considered relatively new compared to the other locking systems on this list, but there are various authentication methods available for you that you can inquire about from your door access system provider in Singapore. What makes the biometric door access the most effective security system of secure office in Singapore is that there is no need to remember passwords or numerical codes similar to that used in the pin access door system and to scan magnetic cards used for card access door systems, which can be lost or stolen. Let’s look at the different biometric locks used.

1. Fingerprint

Also called biometric thumbprint, the primary authentication method used for this is the fingerprints of the personnel. This is recommended in high-security facilities, much like the keypad electronic locks that are more effective in individual rooms that are highly restricted. However, among the three types of biometric authentication methods, the biometric thumbprint is the most secure and difficult to duplicate. The fingerprint biometric analyzes the patterns on the prints such as the archs, loops, and whorls.

2. Voice Recognition

This type of biometric authentication works based on two ideas; the uniqueness of the voice tract and the voice accent. Although the process might sound complicated, it is easy to install and will require only microphones and telephones. However, it is important to get the right recognition to avoid problems.

3. Facial Recognition

For facial biometric to work, you will need a facial recognition detector, which is effective in areas where a lot of people pass through. Unlike the fingerprint and voice biometrics, the facial biometric system from http://www.secureoffice.sg/ in Singapore isn’t intrusive because the faces can be scanned from a distance. The system will measure the facial features of the person and compare the results with the stored data to identify if he/she is an authorized person or not within a few seconds. Even the facial expression is also analyzed in some readers.

Keypad Electronic Locks

This type of door access lock, also code an access code system, uses an electronic keypad instead of a traditional key to limit access. All the authorized personnel are given numerical codes that are required for entry. This is ideal for isolated rooms that need to be secured because the effectiveness of the system will depend on the number of people and the strength of the given codes. If you wish to enhance your office security, you can use this in combination with other locking systems on this list including the biometric door access system. However, this is prone to copying and human error because it requires memorization of the codes and how to properly input it. Usually, this is found in various types of safes.

Avoiding Expensive Aircon Repairs

As the famous saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, same thing applies with aircon. We all need to understand the importance of maintaining the optimum performance of our aircon systems at home, rather than take them to an aircon “doctor” when signs and symptoms of system deterioration is starting to show.

In Singapore, having an aircon system at home is definitely worth your money, especially now that constant exposure to the heat of the sun is really exhausting. And for that, we employ ways to keep ourselves and our family comfortably cool.

Here are some ways you can do your own aircon maintenance for your aircon unit.

Regularly check the Freon level of your aircon system

Freon is trademark for liquid or gaseous fluorinated hydrocarbons used predominantly as refrigerants. Low Freon level causes your aircon to overheat and shut down. If your Freon level is low, it usually indicates that there might be a leak in your system. For that, you need a qualified aircon servicing technician here in Singapore like aircon master to fix the leak and test the repair. He should also be the one to help you charge the system with right amount of refrigerant.

Reminder: clear the condenser during aircon maintenance

The condenser is the part of an entire AC system that is seen from the outside the house. It is important that you regularly clean it by removing any dirt, dust, lint, and leaves that might have accumulated in the condenser. If you don’t clear these blockages away, they may prevent the AC system from working efficiently. And in the long run, your cooling unit may get damaged.

Clean evaporator coil to reduce aircon repair

When your AC unit has been used for a long time, the evaporator coil will be full of dirt and that will reduce the flow of air. Too much dirt will also insulate the coil, and as a result, its ability to absorb heat is reduced. Thus, it is necessary to clean the evaporator coil from time to time to minimize aircon servicing.

Check electrical connections

Have a regular check-up of the compressor and fan. These parts can wear out especially when there is frequent turning on and off of your AC system. Furthermore, a common problem in many systems is that wires and terminals can be damaged slowly by chemical action. Thus, there is really a need to check electrical connections.

Common Problems of AC Systems

The root cause of faulty air-condition systems is poor installation. When our AC units are installed improperly, ducts may have leaks which are one factor of low airflow. With inadequate maintenance and poor service procedures, problems can even get worst and unmanageable over time. To ensure proper installation of your AC unit, let airconmaster.sg from Singapore install your air conditioning system for you.

A lot of times, the amount of refrigerant that is in the system does not match the specifications provided by the aircon manufacturer. To avoid having premature aircon servicing, proper refrigerant charging must be performed during the installation. Otherwise, your aircon system will function poorly and inefficiently and will require more frequent aircon repair.

In general, aircon manufacturers in Singapore design and make quality aircon units that have the capability to withstand rough handling and require less aircon servicing. However, we need to understand that the different components or parts of our AC units such as filters, coils, and fins need maintenance on a regular basis in order for it to maintain its optimum performance through time. Think of it this way: you are continuously using your AC unit without proper care and regular aircon maintenance. In certainty, the system will slowly deteriorate.

The Dry Cleaning Process

The dry cleaning process in most laundry pick up and laundry delivery services in Singapore is similar to wash and fold process that use commercial washing machines and dryers.

1. Once your commercial laundry services shop has picked up your dirty clothes, the personnel will separate your clothes according to color and texture. The white and light-colored garments are cleaned first, colored clothes next, then jeans, towel washing or laundry for spa, and finally bed sheets and covers and upholstery covers. Delicate clothes are also washed separately by the commercial laundry service to ensure that your clothes remain in their pristine condition after washing.

2. Then, your laundry delivery service in Singapore will inspect each item, check for foreign items, and read the car instructions label to determine the best way to clean your clothes. Some fabrics cannot be dry-cleaned and can only be spot-treated or steam-cleaned.

3. If there are stains on the fabric, it is spot-treated first using neutral wet-side, alkaline or acidic wet-side agents. If the stain is made from oil, grease, fat, and plastics, it is pre-treated with dry-side spotting agents. Bleaching, using either an oxidizing or reducing bleach, is the last option for stain removal if all the other spot-treatment methods have failed.

4. The clothes are placed in the basket or drum that looks like a regular washer. Depending on the size of the commercial dry cleaning machine, it can hold up to 40 kilograms of clothes at a time.

5. The machine fills up the drum with 1/3 of the dry cleaning solvent and rotates the chamber, while maintaining the temperature to no more than 30 degrees C. The cycle could last for up to 15 minutes, but some dry cleaning solvents will need at least 25 minutes of washing before the stains are removed.

6. The rinse cycle then begins with the extraction of the remaining solvent by draining it from the basket until all the reside is gone.

7. Warm air, not hot, is used to evaporate the traces of the solvent in the clothes. Other dry cleaning machines in commercial laundry services shops in Singapore use an alternating chilled and heated air to remove the residue.

8. The next stage is called the aeration process where the clothes are cooled before they are pressed and folded. An experienced laundry service company in Singapore like http://www.laundryfirst.sg/ will make sure that the clothes will go through proper aeration process in order to preserve the garments’ best condition.

9. If there are any stains remaining on the clothes, the laundry staff will treat the clothes again. Any damage to the clothes are repaired, such as lost buttons on your uniform laundry, so make sure that this is included in the terms and services when looking for a commercial laundry services shop in Singapore.

10. Finally, a pressing machine will remove the wrinkles before the items are folded and delivered to you.

Dry cleaning is the recommended method for clothes made of delicate materials, particularly fabrics that degrade in water, and cannot withstand the rough tumble of the washing machine and the dryer.

Is Your Home at Risk of Pest Infestation?

Perhaps, you’re thinking if there’s any way for you to know if your house or apartment is infested with pests and whether it is serious enough to call pest control services. To make it easier for you, here are some important points to keep in mind whether you need a pest control management team to help you remove termites, get rid of cockroaches, exterminate rodents and kill other pests, which only causes more harm than good.

• What are the Risks of Pest Infestation?

Most of the pests listed above can be difficult to control especially if the previous owner of the apartment did not take steps to address the problem. When this is the case, contact the apartment manager and arrange an inspection or assessment with a pest destroyer in Singapore to make the place safer for your family. These pests do not only ruin the structure and items at home, but they are vectors for a variety of pathogens that will affect family members and pets.

Some of the most common problems brought about by pest infestation are food spoilage and contamination; allergies and skin irritation; asthma and other respiratory problems; bacterial infections; viral infections; leptospirosis; mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue; dysentery and more. They could also pose problems for the home’s structure and other household items, such as; damage to stored food and foodstuffs; damage to fabrics and other textiles; damage to electrical wirings; weaker home structure caused by termites; and even damage to house plants.

• How Do I Get Rid of Rodents?

You will know if you need to call pest control services in Singapore if you see the following signs of rodent infestation: scratching noises, nesting, droppings, shredded fabric or paper, small holes and crevices, and the stink or rodent feces and urine. Although there are commercial products recommended for control of rodent infestation, they are almost always ineffective against the rodents that are known to be smart and adaptive. To effectively exterminate rodents, call the best pest control management company in Singapore for an assessment of the problem.

• How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches not only look terrifying to a lot of people, but they also stink and can cause a lot of health problems, such as asthma, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. Cockroach infestation is marked by the presence of the pests, existence of moist areas and leaky plumbing, presence of droppings, presence of egg cases and dead cockroaches, and the unpleasant smell characteristic of the insect.

To get rid of cockroaches, you need to eliminate possible breeding areas such as holes and cracks on the walls and ceiling, piles of boxes and papers, moist spaces near leaky plumbing, and spoiled food and garbage. They can be difficult to control using only the commercial insect sprays, that is why you need to contact http://www.pestdestroyer.sg/ from Singapore to effectively terminate pest.

• How Do I Get Rid of Termites?

Termites can cause significant damage in your apartment, but most people are not aware that termite infestation does not only happen in wooden structures. Look for the following signs of termite infestation: presence of termite shelter tubes (these are at least 10 mm wide), presence of subterranean tunnels deep in the soil, holes in the trees (if there are plants nearby), mud-like pack on the surface of wood, termite droppings called frass, hollow sounds in wood, and sagging floors. It is very difficult to remove termites if the infestation has been going on for years, but pest control management can help you save your structure with methods that are fast, effective, and safe.

The Different Types of Electricians and Electrical Services

Electricity is a valuable thing to have in every home and business, and electrical works are what make the comforts, products, and services that modern life has to offer much more available to us. The electrician installs and maintains the systems that provide power into the machinery and equipment that makes almost everything available to us, and this is what makes the electrician so important, especially in Singapore.

Electricians also have their own specializations in different types of electrical works. There are at least three main areas where these specialties are applied, which are:


This term is mostly applied for electrical necessities that occur in households, which include installation and repair/maintenance of things such as wirings, power outlets, circuit breakers, and the house’s power meter or connection to the domestic power grid in Singapore.


Commercial electrician services include, but may not be limited to the installation and/or repair of power systems in commercial establishments, such as office buildings and malls, that require a significant amount of power in order to perform their daily business.

With that said, there are some similarities between commercial and domestic electrician services provided by companies like power max in Singapore in that they essentially work in a similar manner except for the size.

From air-conditioning to lighting, to power outlets for computers and other types of office equipment, business’ power systems need to be updated to be able to accommodate the kind of power requirements as well as maximize productivity with the minimization of potential power interruptions caused by faulty wiring.


A good electrician is an especially valuable asset to industrial sectors that require large amounts of power and current in their systems in order to operate various types of equipment and machines that go into the manufacturing of products and services.

Types of Electricians

Apart from the different fields where electricians can apply their skills, there are also three stages or types of electricians working in these said fields, either working to complete their training or to supervise and train those who they are working with.

These three categories of electricians can be classified into apprentices, journeymen, and master electricians. Here they are explained in detail:

• Apprentice – Apprentices are electricians in training who are working their way to their certification to become a journeyman, and often work with close supervision from their higher-ups, who can either be journeymen or master electricians.

• Journeymen – Journeymen electricians work mostly with mechanical connections, installations, and power supplies in both residences and commercial buildings, as well as overhead lines. These types of electricians can be found in construction firms, utility companies, or manufacturing plants.

After passing their apprenticeship and their electrical exam, journeymen receive a certification as a licensed electrician. They can then proceed to work on any type of system unsupervised. They can also train apprentices who are working towards a certification.

• Master Electrician – Master electricians like http://www.powermax.com.sg/ from Singapore are highly skilled tradesmen usually found working in supervisory roles for major companies or working as a licensed electrician in their own contracting business. These types of electricians have already completed their apprenticeship and earned their bachelor’s degree as well as their certification as master electricians.

Aside from the minimum necessary experience training, master electricians also need to possess managerial skills in order to supervise laborers, apprentices, and journeymen on either residential or commercial jobs.

Electrical Services

Different electrical servicing companies offer different types of electrician services, which can depend based on whether the electrical servicing company is working in the domestic, commercial, or industrial sector.

• Electrical troubleshooting – A licensed electrician employed by the company will be sent over to your building in order to inspect your power systems and find the cause of your power failure.

When it comes to electrical troubleshooting, the electrician will not only determine the cause of your power failure, but also take into account the necessary repairs and upgrades to make in order to keep your power systems operating smoothly. This is usually done with the aid of both the electrician’s tools, training, and experience.

• Short circuit repairs – A short circuit can occur when an active wire and an inactive wire touch each other. A lot of current then flows from the active wire to the inactive one, resulting in either a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

• Circuit breaker replacement – A tripped circuit breaker can either be the result of a short circuit or a ground fault, which in turn could result in a temporary power outage for that particular line as a safety measure to avoid overloading.

• Upgraded wiring/Rewiring – Wires can deteriorate under harsh conditions or be stripped of their insulation, which can cause a potential electrical or fire hazard. When this happens, the existing wiring should be replaced with new ones.

Electricians can also re-wire existing lines from old to new service connections, connect and disconnect wirings depending on the usage, or re-route certain wirings to make sure that they do not pose as a potential hazard.

• Electrical extensions – Wiring can either be too short or too stretched out to provide a reliable power connection, which could result in the wire posing as a potential hazard. This is because stretched-out wiring is more prone to snapping especially under strong winds and bad weather.

Electrical extension adds an extra length to the existing wiring. This gives it an allowance of space and minimizes any potential for being an electrical or fire hazard.

Top 5 Benefits of Property Waterproofing

For most people in Singapore, when they think about property management, may it be a simple home or a luxurious real estate property, waterproofing isn’t really something that comes first to our minds. We can’t blame ourselves, though. Waterproofing has never been a fun or enjoyable matter when it comes to estate maintenance.

However, despite its unpopularity, every condo manager emphasizes that buildings need sufficient waterproofing. Why? Because water penetration can cause serious property damage, which will then negatively affect the selling value of the property.

If you don’t want these misfortunes to happen to your condominium building and to the units in it, discuss about waterproofing with your managing agent as soon as possible. Doing so, you, as well as your tenants, will enjoy the many benefits of having your walls professionally waterproofed, such as:

1. Reduced energy cost
By asking your condo manager to waterproof your building, you will be able to seal cracks in walls and prevent external heat from entering your premises, thus, saving you on energy costs from your air conditioning system. Similarly, by sealing up wall cracks, you can prevent cool air from entering your place especially during wet seasons, thus eliminating excessive usage of the heating system.

2. Avoid health problems
We all know that buildup of moisture can cause harmful molds to grow in our premises. These microorganisms can cause illnesses, trigger allergies, and asthma attacks. The black molds, also known as “toxic molds,” can also grow inside your property. Hence it is important to get one of the best property management companies in Singapore to check it out regularly. Although rare, this type of moss is extremely hazardous to the health. Some health effects of black molds are, among others, skin irritation, respiratory problems, watery eyes, sore throat, sinus congestion, shortness of breath, and chronic fatigue. It would be a great favor to you and your tenants’ health to include waterproofing to your property management services.

3. Protect your investment
Recall the days when you built (or bought) your condominium. Remember how much hard work you put into the making of the estate property? How about the million dollar worth of furniture and appliances in the entire building? Are you sure you want to risk this major investment of your life? By requiring your managing agent to ensure the long-term health of your business, you’re giving your investment the care that it deserves.

4. Increase property value
Nobody wants a leaked wall, especially those Singapore residents thinking about renting a unit. Susceptibility to moisture in your units is a huge turn off for prospect tenants. They don’t like to constantly worry about their valuables getting damaged because of non-waterproofed facility. Moreover, dry and usable spaces allow tenants to maximize the very limited area, thus boosting the functionality and value of your units.

5. Peace of mind
When you have regular estate maintenance and your entire building waterproofed, you’re guaranteed that no moisture can penetrate any part of your property, even under strong thunderstorms. You’re confident that all your tenants feel safe inside your building and your investment is safe from any forms of damage caused by moisture and water leakages.

Investing in proper waterproofing can prevent your business from accruing great damage and large renovation bills. Protect your investment and everybody in your building through waterproofing. Ask your managing agent about this property management service and let them help you in looking for a reliable provider.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

As far as do-it-yourself jobs go, plumbing works rank as one of the top tasks homeowners in Singapore prefer to handle on their own. Some people may argue that calling a professional is expensive and should only be done when all else fails, while others just don’t trust strangers to enter their homes. These may all be valid reasons, but when thinking of the possibility of worsening the plumbing scenario, hiring a professional is unarguably a much cheaper option than overhauling underground water pipes.

1. Personal Safety

The most obvious reason why you need to trust your home’s plumbing works only to a professional plumber is your own safety. You may be successful in replacing a shower head or sink faucet, but plumbing needs skills and training to be successfully done.

2. Permanent Solution

Unless you find pleasure in crawling under sinks and doing all the dirty works to repeatedly unclog the drains, you will appreciate the long-term solution that a reliable plumber can provide to your plumbing system. The thing about these professionals is that they are well-trained and well-experienced and they find ways to ensure that you don’t get repeated problems after the repair.

3. Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Hiring a professional plumber gives you access to a wide range of plumbing services for installation, maintenance and repair works. Installation of new pipes, replacement of old parts, spotting blockages, repairing leaks—they can professionally handle all those works in a faster and more efficient way.

4. Emergency Plumbing Issues

Your plumbing contractor can save you from emergency plumbing problems. Emergencies with your plumbing system can cause delay to your daily activities, as well as cause extensive water damage. A professional plumber can provide emergency plumbing services and can come to your rescue quickly. As long as you hire a 24 hours plumber, you can be certain that someone can fix your emergency whether it’s three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

5. Detailed Diagnosis

A recommended plumber at Singapore will provide you with detailed diagnostic report. What appears to you as just a leaking pipe could be a blockage problem. That’s why you need a professional to have your line thoroughly inspected. Well-trained plumbers can carefully check your entire plumbing system to find all existing and potential problems.

6. Cost-Efficient

You don’t have to purchase DIY remedies, like sealants. Leaky toilets, faucets and other plumbing fixtures waste a lot of water, which would cost you more on your water bill. Hiring a professional plumber will guarantee savings in your water bill when leaks are repaired right away. Moreover, your hired professionals will be the ones to purchase the necessary fixtures, which will likely be cost-effective for you.

7. Property Protection

Accidents caused by broken pipes could cause damages to your property. Whether it’s a leaking gas pipe or water pipe, letting the professionals take care of the job will help you protect your property and minimize damages. Plus, if you hire a licensed and insured plumber in Singapore, you can be sure that any property damage incurred during the repair is covered by the plumbing company.

8. Latest Equipment

Recognized plumbing companies are equipped with the newest technology and equipment to solve plumbing problems in an efficient and timely manner. Aside from the latest equipment, staffs undergo regular training to update their knowledge and skills in dealing with different issues.

9. Business Continuity

Having your system regularly checked by a professional plumber will keep your plumbing system running and help detect problems in their early stage before they can wreak havoc to your day-to-day routine and to your properties. This helps avoid interruptions and ensures that your everyday activities run smoothly.

10. Clean Water Supply

Since tubes and pipes are the pathways of your home’s water supply, you need them to be in their best working condition. If you suspect any leaking, cracks or blockages, have it checked by a professional. Your hired plumber can check your water lines to detect and fix any issues right away. With their certified skills and the right tools, you can be sure that your drinking water is clean and free from contaminants.

11. Excellent Customer Service

A reliable plumber is able to provide excellent customer service and responsive plumbing team whenever needed. If you have had a repair or maintenance done by a professional plumbing services company, you can have access to expert advices if you come across another plumbing issue or emergency. If it’s only a minor issue, they can provide you with advices on how to correct the small glitch. Your professionals will be there for you, helping and guiding you in maintaining your plumbing system.

12. Masters of Their Own Field

The head of the team has extensive knowledge, training and experience. From installation of parts to repairing pipes and other problems, a professional plumber has the right skills to ensure that the issue is fixed on the first try with permanent results.

When you choose to do the repair on your own, it’s likely because you’re trying to save time and money. Unfortunately, DIY plumbing works usually cost more not only due to possible mistakes while doing the repair, but also because DIY works do not provide permanent solution. If you hire a licensed professional in the first place, you will minimize additional expenses and errors as they have the right tools and knowledge for the job.